Birth chart is a map of heavens showing the signs of zodiac and the planets as seen from one's place of birth and this is the reason why astrologers needs your time, date and place of birth to draw up an accurate chart.

The main constituent of the birth chart are- 

  1. the ascendant
  2. the signs of zodiac
  3. the houses
  4. the planets
  5. the aspects

The ascendant is the rising sign at the time of birth at the eastern horizon and it is also called the lagna.

The signs of the zodiac represent twelve personality types, influencing the planets that are placed in them. 

The astrological houses, of which there are also twelve, represent twelve different areas of life.

The planets, the sun and the moon, represent different parts of an individual's personality.

The aspects show the relationships between planetary energies and how these planets will affect you.


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