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M.A SHAMI is the concept engrained by Mr. M A Shami whose untiring effort to establish astrology as a stream of science has compelled the people around the globe to give a more refined thought on the subject. Astro is a derivative of astral indicating stars. Just as astronomy is the study of movement of stars, planets, satellites and other heavenly bodies in the cosmos, astrology is the study of the lights of starts, plants, satellites and other heavenly bodies and its environment and vegetations etc.

Our Organization "Ganj Bakhsh Aloom Makhfi & Roohani" is working for the welfare of human being for a long time. The man who want a fruitful life, his acts should be just like Islamic beliefs, people may exemplify him. With this passion this organization came into being and its chain was started before 400 years in the eastern Punjab's village and his ancestors also continued his preaching. For example somebody has become a doctor and serving people, someone is delivering lectures and someone is doing welfare works.



In Pak and Hind Hazrat Ahmad Sarhandi Farooqi Mujadad Alif Sani did a lot of work for Islam. He led life according to the Islamic beliefs. He was born in Indias eastern Punjab Jalandhar Hoshiarpur Shahrah in the town of Siyam Chorasi where he spent his life. He was appointed as a Kardar in the area of Hoshiarpur . Unluckiely he has not sons and always were willing for the prays of Hindu and Muslim beggars. Once he went to hazrat Mujadad Alif Sani and then Hazrat Mujadad Alif Sani were busy in his prayers and his servant ask him to seat and wait, after few minutes came out of his sacred room and met him. After 1 year he had a Son.Your name was Lala hobat Rai which was conerted your name that was changed his name in the name of Alhami Abdul nabi and he spent his last forty years in the area of Chorasi thats why you were named with Baba Shami.

He got his early education from a muslim teacher. That intelligent child finished Gulsitan of Sheikh Saadi in the age of 7 years and started Bostan.Once he gone through some Islamic Poetry and he decided to accept Islam as a lifetime religion and asked his teacher that I want to accept Islam and in those days Hazrat Muhammad SAWW told him to recite First Kalima. When he told this good news to his teacher then he was too much happy and congratulated him and then took him to Hazrat Syed Abdulwahab Qadri who taught him first Kalma Tayyaba and told him about the Islam.Once his father became angry and came to beat him and he ran away and rached in Eastern Punjab's village Sultan Pur Lodhi and as he reached there, they already got know about his arrival spiritually and he kept him in his circle. You had been not only in contact with Hazrat Muhammad SAWW and Allah Almighty, so in that age's philosophers used to come to him and get their problems solved by him. You had a complete grip on world knowledge. He recited Holy Quran, Taurayt, Zanboor, Anjeel completely.You got married in Moza Sri Goban Pur District Amratsar. In laws belonged to Baidi khatri tribe and and after marriage he invited his wife to accept Islam and she agreed on it and after that he had 2 sons from his wife. You died on 22 Rabiul Awal 1126 at District Hoshiarpur. Your Urs is celebrated on every year in India.



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M.A Shami Naqshbandi M-Tec P.U
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Shami Rohani Jantri
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